Best Laid Plans

I have to laugh at myself at how often I change gears. I used to think this was a bad thing. Look at how fickle I am! Good grief. Now, I realize it’s simply my pivoting to things that might work and away from things that clearly aren’t working for me.

The latest pivot is around planners. I watched this great video about planners from the “How to ADHD” channel on YouTube. It’s a great channel – one of my favorites.

I was using the Christian Planner, which I still actually do love. I plotted out a verse a day (which I wanted to post daily here too, but stopped) and started using it for my daily routines, to-do’s, brain-dumps, sermon notes, and ALL the things. There were two problems with this.

  1. The binding wasn’t meant for that kind of abuse. Probably should have gotten the spiral bound.
  2. It’s a little heavy to tote around everywhere.
  3. It’s really pretty and artfully done. My daily grind is messy, scribbled, and covered in post-its! And I want it to be pretty and keepsake-y!

I’m thinking about getting another one to simply use as a journal – perhaps the Faith & Focus? I’m not 100% decided on that direction yet. Although the $9.99 sale on the 2022 planner is attractive!
(no these are not affiliate links and I don’t work for them or anything like that)

For my daily grind, I found a simple Blue Sky calendar and target and loaded it up. It’s a hot mess and that’s ok! It’s not a journal. I’m not going to keep it forever. It’s just to help me process time. I even grabbed a highlighter and blocked out Mondays so I can more easily benchmark the weeks.

Moving forward, I might pivot again. I’m at peace with this. After all, the only thing in this universe that doesn’t change is God. That brings me great peace!

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