2022 Update A: I’m tried to do a scripture verse a day for a little while there. I was going to delete them, but decided to keep them. Why not? I also started a fun little “Passing Time” blog on Blogger, because I can micro-blog on my mobile easier than I can post to this website. If I ever sort that out, I’ll move it over to my corner here.

2021 Update: This blog has been reborn, and most of my dusty old entries have simply been deleted. I’ve been blogging since 2000, starting on – which is still around.


I’m a note-taker. I love writing out my notes. Typing them works too. I’m not an author or an inspirational blogger with ads and books and email lists. I just want to throw my thoughts onto a blog because that’s what I do.

I talk to myself. 😁 You’ll see that sometimes as I comment on my own posts! I don’t just write this stuff and forget it. I write it to remember. I read through my own blog fairly often, and sometimes I’m even inspired to write more on what I write before… Or fix the typos that autocorrect helped me with. You know!

I love Jesus.  Loving Jesus is both the most challenging and rewarding relationship of my life. Nothing and no one can even come close to beating it. And you can be sure I love my husband and children oodles! There’s room enough in my heart for all that love. God makes it so.

I am not defining myself on this blog. I don’t post everything. These posts do not contain all my notes, all my prayers, or all my struggles. Don’t read through and get jealous, mad, or anything else thinking that this small “picture” is me. What I write often isn’t me at all! I sometimes put out there the version of me that I’m trying to be.

I don’t like arguing, and I avoid poor language choices. You are welcome to comment, even post a differing opinion. My head won’t explode and the world will keep turning. However, this is my corner. If I don’t like what you contributed, then I’m not going to allow it to be published. It’s like I tell my kids: Is it kind, truthful, encouraging, informing, and respectful? Then, go right ahead. If not, keep it to yourself and God alone.

I’m learning to pray. I’m learning to study God’s Word. I’m working on my bad habits because I love Jesus and I want to be better for Him. You can too. It’s easy to start. Just pray (talk to God) and ask the questions you want to ask. God answers!