Lost and Found

I lost a package of labels, and I really need them! I searched all over… places I expected them to be, places I didn’t, and then places that seemed ridiculous. No labels.

I did find an old birthday card with a ridiculous voicebox inside that still works and made me laugh.

I found a previously lost box of doo-dads to hang stuff that made me happy, and I was even able to share that happiness with the other members of my family who have searched for it too!

I found a bag of games I’d forgotten about, and a renewed desire to get all those games together and start playing games with my kids again.

I found a lot of trash. Yes, actual trash – markers without caps, scratch sheets of paper, used-up Ziploc bags, and a chip. Kids, y’all. Kids. Getting rid of the trash and cleaning up the house feels good.

I found a product I wanted to try, set down, and forgot about. Now, I’m going to get to try it out. Well, maybe next week. I’m excited about that one!

I found a few Bible study books that I started and didn’t get to finish for one reason or another. In fact, that one hits home. I’ve been slowly, over the past few months, cleaning up my bookshelves. Sorting out books I want to keep (nearly all of them) and the ones I don’t need to keep. Finding this fun bookshelf photo on Facebook, reminded me of all that I found while looking for the one thing I lost today.

I didn’t find my labels, but I’m not even mad or frustrated. After all, I found laughter, shared happiness, a desire to play, job satisfaction, excitement, and a renewed desire to personally study God’s Word more and yes, read my bookshelf.

2 thoughts to “Lost and Found”

  1. I wonder if that’s how Jesus feels. Like he renews His love for each of the 99, while He searches for the one who is lost.

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