Given and Taken

Sermon notes from the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30.

Love God the most. To love something or someone else more leads to suffocation – or at the least disappointment, etc. God is the only source of lasting fulfillment & satisfaction. Those things and people are what God has entrusted us with – to use and enjoy with the proper perspective – God is the Creator, the Master.

“If you don’t have Christ, you have nothing.”

“Your foundation is Jesus.” We plant & water, but it is God that does the growing.

“The mystery of faith – in Christ all things hold together.”

“Let the wisdom of the world be brought to foolishness” because of Jesus. We belong to Him because we are baptized into life in Jesus.

This is a source of deep dependence on Jesus – not pride, like “I’m better than you” but “I need Jesus.”

“What you chose to do with what God entrusted to you matters!”

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