The Tomorrow War

My kids watched this movie a while back with their teen youth group, and it’s been on my list to watch for a while. I like time travel-type sagas. Well, I finally watched the movie via Amazon Prime. The featured image for this post is from IMDB, where I keep a loose tally of movies that interest me.

In terms of an action movie, it was decent. The special effects were impressive and appeared realistic. However, I found it challenging to fully embrace the main character’s portrayal. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why, but it could be due to my lack of interest in Pratt’s previous Marvel films, which I found to be eye-rollers.

There’s also some weird stuff about him understanding how time travel works, and then at the end having no idea… and then figuring it out again.

I did like the movie, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again.

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