Reformation Day

“Martha’s service was distracting her from worship.”


Luke 10

Mary & Martha – Don’t forget the most important thing.

To-do lists: They help us know what needs to be done, and what is not going to happen. Priorities! There are things to do that don’t matter. There are things we need to do, want to do, and wish we could do but probably won’t.

There are things that matter, but they matter less.

Summary thought from Augsburg Confession Article VII:
Human traditions are less important than the Gospel & administration of the Sacraments.

Rites & ceremonies matter, but they matter less.

The glory of God is found in the cross.

“The cross at one and the same time forces us to confront our sins and be left in awe at the love and mercy of God.”

Jesus is what really matters!

Martha – She had her to-do list, and set her priorities (not bad things!). It’s just not what really mattered, or rather – it’s not what mattered the most. Martha was trying to do the right thing – and her to-do list got longer and more impossible to get done.

The most important thing is not to get things done… only Jesus.

The other stuff matters, but it does not matter the most.

Don’t let the work we do for Jesus become a source of pride… then, what matters slips away. Repent & turn back to Jesus.

Focus on Jesus.

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