Liquid Lessons

While recovering from minor oral surgery last week, the left side of my face spazzed out – like a “charlie horse” in my face! Very painful. At the time, I thought something went wrong with my surgery. I buzzed over to the oral surgeon to find out its just my face being a dork. This was both a huge relief and very annoying. The doc put me on a liquid diet, prescribed some meds, and instructed me on some “physical therapy” type massage (or manual manipulations).

My take-aways through this liquid diet ordeal:

  1. It’s not as easy as you might think to get good and filling nutrition via only liquids.
  2. Liquid diet doesn’t mean only liquids – it simply means no chewing. Yogurt, Jello pudding cups, etc. are fair game.
  3. If you have a filling meal (a solid protein shake), you don’t need any snacks beside water.
  4. Having a good, dependable blender at home is a money-saving must!
  5. Those GoGurt tubes (or in my family “yogurt squeezies”) are a decent snack if you just gotta have one.
  6. I won’t actually die of hunger, but I will get very grumpy, which add a whole new level of self-control practice when interacting with others with love and grace.
  7. You can loose a decent amount of weight if you don’t go crazy on ice cream. (I don’t like ice cream that much, so that’s an easy one for me).
  8. I’m crazy grateful for my husband’s mad shake making skills – whatever blender you’ve got your eye on babe, get it!
  9. I’m really, REALLY grateful for the simple ability to chew food.


I am doing much better, and getting better each day. I’m hoping that the lessons I learned on this journey help me continue to improve my diet patterns – less snacking, more water, and seeking better nutrition from each meal.

One thought to “Liquid Lessons”

  1. Aaaand my liquid diet continues for 2 more weeks. That was a frustrating blow. I’m better, but not better enough. Patience, I tell myself. Patience, I pray.

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