Grading Schoolwork

I’m grading the children’s schoolwork. When they make great progress I’m excited. When they skip assignments, I get a little angry. When they get the same thing wrong over and over and over again, I get frustrated. When they do better than I expected, I am surprised and happy. When I get behind on grading and it takes me forever to get through it all, I get bored and restless. I never expected grading school work to be such an emotional roller coaster!

Try Not to Laugh Challenge

This is an appropriate title for my first stab at a reaction video complete with video editing!

<< video removed >>

I created the video capturing with OBS – my husband/son introduced me to this tool. I edited the video with Adobe Premiere Pro and created the intro/outro with Adobe Spark. All the while getting near-constant input from my son on how to actually do it all! I have experience in graphics editing and Photoshop, but nothing to do with videos. That’s a whole new world!

Update: My son (12) uses the free version of Resolve for video editing, and states that “it is the best editor in my life.”

2nd Update (months later): The video was flagged for copyright infringement since it showed the original video via the video capture bit. This thought should have occurred to me, but simply didn’t! I did not intend to infringe on anyone else’s copyrights at all! eek. It was still good and fun skills to learn with the kids. Please be careful when making videos to not infringe on other’s creative works. I certainly will be more careful!

3rd Update (years later): I’ve learned a lot about videos, YouTube, copyright claims, etc. The claim that was made on my original video was likely only a bot and meant that I couldn’t monetize my video. I had zero plans to monetize my videos. I could have kept it, but alas, it is gone. It was a fun and valuable learning experience for me!