Spiral Scrubbies

I’ve been experimenting with bath scrubbies for a while now. I tried a bath loofah-like thing, but the yarn got so HEAVY when wet. It also didn’t hold its shape.

I’ve settled (for now) on some plain old oversized washcloths (right). I single crochet with a large hook about 20 stitches across and make the rectangle long enough to fold over into hand-sized. I’m not in love with this idea, but it works.

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found a great new pattern!
Spiral Scrubbies.

I think my search is over!

My first attempt reading the instructions from my cell phone at McDonald’s while the kids played didn’t go so well. I can’t imagine why?! lol

I re-read the instructions at home on my computer (more screen space), and realized there was a video link! That video makes all the difference!

This one is too small for the shower, but I love the idea! So, I grabbed a larger hook (10mm, I think) & crocheted two threads of yarn simultaneously for thickness. I’ve made two for the shower, and Steve has asked me to make some more just like it. I’ve found that the trick to the whole thing being durable is to pull the yarn VERY tight when closing up the scrubbie. The cotton threads stretch when wet, and you don’t want the center opening to stretch open too much.

I’m currently pondering what yarn material would make a better scrubbie, and if I could crochet nylon fibers into it (like those used in commercial loofahs). I’m not done experimenting!

Update 7/6/2018: I re-discovered this entry and I have the perfect material to try this on – the Red Heart Scrubbie yarn! I can’t wait to try that out.