I found this video helpful in finding a better starting point for my weight loss journey.

Now to decide how best to track my food! MyFitnessPal struck me as complicated to use and I couldn’t escape the buy-me-now ads which annoyed me. WW keeps changing its program, but its app is top-notch. The thing is – my husband uses MyFitness Pal, and it is CONSIDERABLY cheaper than WW. Plus MFP is not a program to follow, but a tool to assist. So, that’s where I’m leaning.

The other problem I had before is not wanting to be dependent on an app to succeed, but really I’m going to need to be dependent on something to succeed. I’m not exactly succeeding on my own here. So, there’s that.

Exercise is still important, but I think starting with this leg and getting consistent is the better starting point for me.

Ok. So, here we go!