Everything in Common

Acts 2:44-45, 4:32-37, John 17:6-11

In Acts, that they shared and had everything in common was not a command for how to live in Christian life, but a description of how they lived as Christians. First, their culture was very different than our American culture. They love in a culture that was collectivistic – concerned about the community. Whereas, our American culture is individualistic. Neither is wrong, but they are different!

In Jerusalem, there were two cultures:

  1. Roman: based on heredity, property, wealth
  2. Jewish: based on family and purity

The Christian culture is different from both in that we are welcoming of all no matter their family, wealth, health, or whatever. Furthermore, each member of the Christian community is equally valuable and precious.

Galatians 3:26-29

John 17:10-11

Even Jesus considered nothing to be His, not even His own disciples. Jesus became one with us when he came to earth. He bore our sins as His and paid the price so we could have life through Him. Because He lives, we live. We have everything in common with Jesus! Sins, forgiveness, salvation, & eternal life.

In the early church, they had everything in common because their everything was Jesus. Christian community is more about “we” more than “me.” Communities like this are a reflections of Jesus.

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